Virutex Curved Abrasive Planer -120 volt

Virutex Curved Abrasive Planer -120 volt
Item# CE123N

Product Description

The Virutex Curved Abrasive Planer has a spring steel base that flexes to allows sanding on both concave and convex surfaces. Perfect finishing, even on delicate materials can be done, that would be damaged or splinted if a conventional planer was used, especially when working against the grain or edges of laminate boards, etc. This planer works well when used on resins with fiber glass, carbon fiber and kevlar where conventional planer are ineffective. It is also useful, fast and effective in sanding and stripping paint, varnishes and resins particularly on large flat surfaces. This sander has a powerful 700 watt motor with a no-load speed of 16,500 rpm's has a sanding depth of 1/25" and width of 3 1/8"+ and comes with a long lasting 50 grit sanding roller with 40-60-80 grit also available as options.