K85Ec - 120V

K85Ec - 120V
Item# 918233

Product Description

The NEW K85Ec is packed with features that make this lightweight saw safe and ease-to-use in so many applications. Its unique FLIPPKEIL plunge cut system sets this Mafell saw apart from others in its size range, with a riving knife which disappears into the protective cover during plunges. Cutting depth and angle can be set exactly with the precise scales, and the dual rail fence allows accurate reference cuts and ripping. The CUprex motor enables variable cutting speeds according to the nature of the material and application.

Like all Mafell portable circular saws, the K85Ec also fits onto the Mafell F-guide rail system. It cuts to 60 degree angles and then returns to the 90 degree position without fine-tuning or re-squaring. Mafell saws are lightweight due to their sturdy magnesium bases, and combine a superior blade guard and dust removal system.