P1cc Jig Saw

Delivery Includes: 3 Jig Saw Blades - 1 each: W1, W2, W+P2, 1 Sole Plate 204 250, 1 Hose Connector 203 917, 1 Chip Deflector 204 353, 1 Splinter Guard 203 926, 1 Main Cable 4m (13.1 ft) 087 609,

From time to time, even proven solutions need to be reexamined in the interest of progress. That's exactly what Mafell did in this case. With input from carpenters and engineers, they set out to build a jig saw that operated much more precisely than was previously conceivable. The outcome is the innovative P1cc.

Its intelligent accessories give the P1cc unprecedented versatility. The innovative design of the new MAFELL precision saw blade CUnex W1, in particular, facilitates extremely precise sawing. With an assortment of no fewer than 11 different sawblades, the P1cc is suitable for cutting wood laminates, plastic, metal, timber containing metal, gypsum, melamine resin panels and fiber-center board. The P1cc offers four oscillating stroke settings and one zero setting. It can be perfectly adjusted, therefore, to suit nearly any material and blade, and the splinter guard eliminates chipping on both top and bottom surfaces.

Precision is also a question of power. That's why the P1cc is equipped with a CUprex compact motor that delivers 900 Watts of power and consistently high speeds thanks to the intelligent digital electronics.

The P1cc compatibility with the MAFELL F guide rail system makes for even greater precision. In the interest of a standard sole plate capable of ensuring absolutely square cuts, a separate tilting plate was developed for making angled cuts up to +/- 45.

P1 cc Jig Saw - 120 volt
Please note: The voltage & model number in the technical information link below, is not accurate for this particular machine.
P1 cc - 230 volt