Grooving Machines, including ALL NEW MF-26cc/400

The NFU is a unique and only avaialbe from Mafell! It is used to cut both dado's and grroves. Has a 2 piece adjustable cutterhead. The width of cut can be adjusted from 5/8" to 1 1/16". Also featured are side cutting scoring knives which cut both sides of a groove for a very sharp, clean surface. Maximun cutting depth is 1 1/4" and can be used with our various guide tracks.

NFU 32 Groove-Cutting Machine - 230 volt
MF 26cc/400 - 120V
Imagine 5 tools in 1: a machine that can groove-cut, cross-cut, plunge-cut, and chamfer wood/laminates, plus its routing capabilities allow curving, bending, and folding a variety of challenging materials such as aluminum and wallboard. That multi-purpose tool is now available in convenient 120 V power: Mafell's MF26cc/400.

This cutting tool has best-in-class dust collection systems because of its enclosed cover and vertical removal of chips. It is also extremely precise because of its fine depth adjuster. Switching between the MF26cc/400's five applications is fast and easy: the housing opens with the press of a button and lever, which automatically engages the starting switch lockout for added safety.