Drill Stations and DD-40 Duo-Doweller

Mafell's new BST Drilling Stations offer supreme precision, compared with conventioal drill jigs. The continuously adjustable drill guide, with six vertically located rollers, has an iris-like adjusting mechanism, that encloses around any size bit from 3/8" up to 1 3/16", without any backlash, enables you to achive unprecedented accuracy to 18" deep. The "S" models can be set to +/- 45 degrees and the drill tip, at base plate height, always serves as the pivot axis. All four models have a 43mm diameter (1 11/16") mounting collar behind the chuck for clamping in a drill motor.
These ruggard drilling systems are designed for extreme drilling in the hardest of timbers. Each has a powerful 1200 watt motor and intregrated stand for proper alignment and a focusing device that steadies and guides the drill bits for the straightest of holes. The motors come with electronic speed control, clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation, 2 speed gear box and a rapid chuck system.
The HB 1 E Drill has a high-torque 1050 watt motor, forward/reverse settings, quick action chuck, electronic speed control and a 43mm (1 11/16") steel collar that fits into the Mafell BST Drill stands. It is not available in 120 volt.
The DD 40 Duo-Dowel Jointer is the only portable dowel machine on the market! The DD 40 works like a biscuit jointer except that it drill two holes precisely 32mm apart in one operation and uses conventional dowels. Work can be fastened very accurately with dowels, allows for pre-assembly without clamping, easy dismantling of joints for transportation and final clamping is simpler and quicker.