ZSX Carpenter's Chain Saws

The ZSX Ec Carpenter's Chain Saws were designed for cutting depths not obtainable with typical circular saws. Excellent cutting results are obtained, in solid timber, glue laminated beams and stress skin panels, thanks to Mafell's special saw chains and new CUprex, 2700 watt (3.6 hp) high performance motor. Surface quality rivials that of a circular saw. These light weight saws tilt to 60 degrees, both to the right and left and are equally adapted for operation by either right or left handed users. The ZSX Ec/260 has a cutting depth of 10 1/4" while the ZSX Ec 400 cuts to 15 3/4" deep! Both come with two carbide chains. The "Q" version comes with two non-carbide chains. Like all of our portable circular saws, all the ZSX Ec's can be used with all our guide rail systems.

ZSX Ec / 260 HM - 120 volt
ZSX Ec / 260 HM - Carpenter's Chain Saw - 230 volt
The ZSX Ec 260 HM has a cutting depth of 10 1/4" and can tilt both to the right and left, up to 60 degrees! It has automatic chain lubrication and comes with two carbide chains.
The carpenter's chain saw - ZSX Ec 400 HM has a cutting depth of 15-3/4", and can be tilted to 60 degrees either to the right or left. It has excellent cutting results, thanks to Mafell's special carbide chains. With a 2700 watt motor, this light-weight machine has plenty of power when cutting solid timbers or stress-skin panels.
The new ZSX Ec 400 Q has the same features as the HM model except that the "Q" Model comes with two non-carbide saw chains, one for ripping and the other for both ripping and cross-cutting.